York 7ft Olympic Barbell - 20kg

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The York 7ft Olympic barbell is one of the best home training bars on the market today. Made from quality steel with chrome plating, the bar has a maximum load capacity of 320kg. It features a 30mm hand grip diameter with knurling and chrome plated end sleeves for Olympic 2” plates.

Weighing 20kg, the barbell is designed for static lifts and is a great option for home weight training for both beginner and advanced lifters. It is ideal for a wide range of exercises including squats, bench press, shrugs, military press, bicep curls, rows and more.
Additional Information

Solid steel construction
7ft (2133 mm) length
30mm hand grip diameter
Knurled grip
Chrome plated 2" end sleeves for Olympic 2" plates
Designed for static exercises only
Not designed for Olympic style movements where the bar is dropped
Maximum load: 320kg
Bar weight: 20kg