Adidas 8mm Yoga Mat

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The Adidas 8mm Yoga Mat is perfect for yoga, pilates and all types of floor-based exercise. It is thick enough to offer great cushioning and stability and features a non-slip surface which ensures you can get greater traction for stronger poses. This exercise mat is lightweight and easy to roll up after use, making it simple to transport and store away. Made from 85% EVA and 15% TPE, this mat comes in a choice of colours.
Additional Information

Ample cushioning – 8mm thick
Compact and rollable
Easy to transport and store
Grippy non-slip texture for added stability
Ideal for yoga and Pilates
Lightweight PVC-free material
Printed adidas logo
Dimensions:176 (L) x 61 (W) x 0.8 (H)
Colour: Aero green, mystery ruby, raw green