Weight Benches

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Weight Benches

If you are looking to to lift free weights or perform resistance exercises, a weight bench is a must have piece of gym equipment. Whether you want to tone, build muscle or gain strength, they provide the platform you need to get the best results.

Types of Weight Bench

Weight benches come in various shapes and sizes. Which model is right for you is dependent on your requirements.

Olympic Weight Benches - These are commonly found in gyms and commercial environments. Olympic weight benches accommodate a 7-foot olympic barbell and are generally the most sturdy and highest quality benches that can hold the heaviest weights. 

Standard Weight Benches - These are smaller than olympic weight benches, designed to accommodate 5-6 foot barbells. They are also generally lighter and can accommodate less weight. They still provide an effective platform for weight lifting.

Dumbbells Benches - These are designed for use with dumbbells and do not accommodate barbells. 

Features of Weight Benches

Weight benches can come with a variety of features to enhance and improve your workout. Many are adjustable which means they can be moved into different positions such as incline, decline, flat and military. There may be more than one incline position depending on the model. This is a great feature that will enable you to effectively perform a wide variety of exercises and specifically target different muscles. Other benches may not be adjustable. These are flat benches, specifically deisgned to remain in one position. They therefore are generally very sturdy and are effective for many types of training.

Some weight benches can have added attachments. This enables various other exercises to be performed. Such attachments may include preacher curl, lat pulldown, dipping station, leg curl/leg extension, squat and flye attachments. Some models come with attachments as standard whilst others can be purchased separately.

Many weight benches have the ability to fold. This is ideal for those looking to save space at home.

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