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Azure Adjustable Slimming Belt

£3.99 £12.99

The Azure Adjustable Slimming Belt is perfect for toning and shaping your core, waist and abs whilst at the same time helping to improve your posture and supporting your lower back. It promotes weight loss by preserving the body’s heat and stimulating water loss during exercise.

Available in one size to fit most, the simple adjustable fastening ensures a comfortable fit that will look discreet under your normal clothing. The slimming belt is also washable so you can easily keep it clean and fresh.

Additional Information

Helps tone and shape core, waist and abs
Promotes weight loss
Preserves body heat
Stimulates water loss
Improves posture and supports the lower back
Adjustable fastening for a comfortable fit
Fits most waist sizes
Suitable for all fitness levels
Easy to clean
Colour: Black