Medicine Balls

Are slam balls and medicine balls the same?

Slam balls and medicine balls are weighted balls which can add intensity to a workout just by holding one whilst exercising. There are similarities between the two. The main difference is that slam balls are made to be thrown.

Slam balls are great for improving core strength and coordination but it is also possible to get a full body workout using a slam ball. Their tough outer shell ensures they are unbreakable when thrown or slammed. They are designed not to bounce very high so you can slam them down and throw them with force without the fear of them bouncing back at you. Since they are made to be thrown around, they allow for a fun and explosive workout. Great for burning calories and building strength, stability and stamina there are a number of exercises which can be performed using slam balls. Most medicine ball exercises can also be performed using slam balls. Slam balls are available in a variety of weights so whether you are a beginner or more experienced there’s a slam ball for you. Medicine balls are softer than slam balls and do bounce. They come in a variety of designs and weights. Some have handles making it easier to grip. They are designed for both strength and recovery training and can be used for a full body workout.