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Weight Training Accessories

Learn about weight training accessories

What are the benefits of using hand grips?

Many day to day activities require us to use our grip. Whether it's lifting a knife and fork or brushing our teeth, a degree of grip strength is required. When it comes to the gym, grip strength takes on another level of importance.

Should I Wear Weight Lifting Gloves?

This is an interesting question and one which is often discussed by gym buddies. Some think gloves can interfere with your grip, others feel you can become dependent on your gloves. Here we cover all things weight lifting gloves to help you decide.

Strength training with weights can be tough but the results are definitely worth the effort. It builds muscle mass which increases your metabolism and helps with weight loss. It also strengthens the joints and bones which is great for health and makes physical daily tasks less demanding. Weight training accessories are tools which help to make your lifting journey that bit easier. Weight lifting gloves for example, protect your hands from the pain of blisters and calluses which form very quickly if you are lifting bars and weights without them. There are different types of gloves to choose from in different colours so have a look at the options available before making your choice. Weight lifting belts stabilise and protect your back from injury when lifting heavy weights. If you are a serious weight lifter, a weight lifting belt would be a good option for you. Weight lifting straps are a great accessory which help you to lift heavier weights without the worry of losing your grip so you are able to execute your lifts more fully. They also help to protect your wrists and forearms. Grip strength is often forgotten about but it can really make a difference to the level and which you can lift. If you are looking to improve your grip strength, hand grips are the perfect solution. Hand grips build the strength in your hands, wrists and forearms. They are small and light so they’re easy to throw into your gym bag ready for your next training session. Slam balls and medicine balls are another example of weight training accessories which are a great addition to any home gym. They are weighted balls which add intensity to your workout. Slam balls don’t bounce so you can literally slam them using full force repetitively, which gives a great full body workout. There are a number of exercises which you can do with medicine balls and slam balls all of which improve fitness levels.