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What is hot and cold therapy?

Hot and cold therapies are effective ways of reducing aches, pains and swelling, easing stiffness and relaxing the muscles. They are commonly used by health professionals, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. So how do hot and cold therapies work?

Should I workout with insoles?

What do cardio athletes and weightlifters have in common? They both place their feet under a great deal of stress when they workout. Here we break down the effects of exercise on the body and the amazing benefits shoe insoles can provide.

The benefits of ice baths for recovery

Ice baths are a popular recovery method for those engaging in intense physical activities. Cold-water immersion has been shown to reduce inflammation, soreness, and pain, all of which can help speed up muscle recovery. Let’s explore their benefits.

Recovery is an essential part of exercise since it allows your muscles and ligaments to repair and get stronger. There are many tools available which can help to speed up the recovery process and to quickly ease the pain and soreness often experienced following exercise. Hot and cold therapies are a popular choice. They are designed to offer soothing relief from pain, discomfort and swelling. There are a variety of hot and cold packs available to suit different areas of the body which may be affected. Our Therapearl range includes hot and cold packs for the knee, neck, shin, back, ankle, wrist and face specifically, and you can also get a Therapearl hot and cold sports pack which you can use universally on a number of areas. These packs are all reusable, can be either heated or frozen and can quickly ease pain or discomfort. They can also be used for menstrual pain. The hot therapy is ideal for easing joint stiffness, muscle aches, pain and soreness. Cold therapy is perfect for inflammation, bruising, sprains and strains. They are easy to heat in the microwave or can be frozen in the freezer and are comfortable to use as they conform perfectly to your body.

Exercising and playing sports produces shockwaves when your feet hit the ground. Sports shoe insoles help to lessen the damaging effect these shockwaves can have on the feet, ankles and knees. We have a range of Sorbothane insoles which are designed specifically to disperse these shockwaves. They also add comfort and security to your feet whilst helping to prevent injury.