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Everyday chores you can do to build strength and burn calories

Everyday chores you can do to build strength and burn calories

You don't always need to visit the gym to include strength-building activities in your daily routine. Everyday chores can contribute to your workout and effectively help you build and maintain muscle strength. Here are some common tasks that double as mini-workouts, keeping you fit while keeping your home in order.
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How important is a heart rate monitor when exercising?

How important is a heart rate monitor when exercising?

In the fitness world, understanding your body’s performance is key to achieving optimal results. Heart rate monitors are essential tools for fitness enthusiasts and athletes, providing valuable insights into workout intensity and cardiovascular health. Learning how these devices can enhance your exercise routine can greatly improve your workout efficiency.

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Woman perfoming a yoga pose on a yoga mat

Choosing the right yoga gear: mats, blocks, and accessories for your practice

Starting a yoga journey holds the potential for profound transformation, and having appropriate gear can greatly amplify your experience. Whether offering support, stability, or aiding in alignment, yoga equipment is pivotal in maximising your sessions. This guide explores indispensable yoga gear—mats, blocks, and accessories—offering valuable insights to empower informed decisions for your practice.
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Breaking Down Fitness Barriers

Being fit should never be out of reach. We recognise that fitness can be a scary, daunting word for many people for many reasons. Gaining that ripped body shown on TV and in magazines, whilst achievable for some, seems so far out of reach for others that they feel fitness is not for them and they turn their back on it. Here at Workout For Less we wanted to change this mindset. That’s why since 2011 we have been doing what we do.

There are so many ways to keep fit and we want to ensure there’s something for everyone. So we’ve ensured that we provide a diverse range of sports and fitness equipment from quality brands so that everyone’s included. If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey and want to start weight training, we have a variety of weights, dumbbells and kettlebells for you - and as you progress, we can help you find all that you need for your next step. For more experienced athletes, we’ve got your back - we're here to help you reach the top of your game. If yoga's your thing, we can kit you out with everything to get you started, from yoga mats, to blocks, straps and bags and as you become more experienced, we are here for you to ensure you have a choice of the best yoga equipment for your needs. Whatever your fitness goals, we want to make it possible for you.

The Workout For Less team wants you to have the opportunity to reach your fitness potential whatever that looks like. For some it will be elite powerlifting or running marathons, for others it will be a short steady stroll or taking the stairs instead of the lift. Regardless of age, weight, gender or ability we want to break down the barriers to fitness so that everyone can get involved and whilst we appreciate fitness looks different for everyone, we know that with encouragement, each and every one of us can put in our best effort and achieve outcomes we never believed were possible. Get fit your way.