Massage Balls & Sticks


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Massage balls

Massage balls help to relieve muscular pains and soreness. They work by using your own body weight to apply pressure to the affected muscle area allowing the ball to loosen the tight muscles and restore flexibility. Massage balls have a good grip ensuring they don’t slide around on the floor whilst you put weight on them. They are small and easy to use on all areas of muscle aches, tightness and soreness.

Peanut balls

Peanut balls are perfect for tackling sore muscles, particularly in the back, shoulders and neck. They can be used as a warmup tool, before exercise or after a workout to reduce muscle tension and stiffness. Their dual design makes it easy to use against the wall or on the floor ensuring your spine is over the dip in the centre. The peanut ball can also be used to disperse lactic acid build up from tired muscles. It is also an ideal tool for use on the hips, glutes, calves and hamstrings.

Massage sticks

Massage sticks are the perfect tool for self massage and myofascial release loosening knots and general soreness. They help to relieve muscle tightness and soreness. They can be used as a warm up tool to increase blood circulation and post workout to reduce muscle pain and tightness. Massage sticks are easy to store or carry with you in your gym bag and can be used during exercise at the first sign of pain, tightness or discomfort to nip it in the bud and reduce the risk of injury.