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Weight Lifting Gloves


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Should I use gloves to lift weights?

Lifting weights has many health benefits. As well as building muscle, weight lifting also strengthens joints and bones and is good for your heart. Since muscle burns fat even when resting, building muscle through weight training significantly helps with fat loss. But lifting weights can take its toll on your hands. Gripping dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and resistance bands can cause blisters and calluses to form on your hands. These can form quite quickly even if you have only recently started lifting and can become sore and painful, preventing you from continuing with your weight training. Weight lifting gloves are the ideal solution. They prevent these from forming so your training is not interrupted. Along with this, weight lifting gloves help to improve grip which reduces the risk of your weight slipping and causing injury. They also offer a hygienic alternative to touching weights used constantly in the gym. There are many variations of weight lifting gloves to choose from in a variety of different colours and sizes and you can choose from half-finger to full-finger gloves, with or without wrist straps.