Yoga Accessories


Product Type
Mat Thickness
Adidas Yoga Socks

9 reviews
£7.99 £11.00
York 65cm Gym Ball with DVD

4 reviews
£7.49 £22.00
Adidas 10mm Fitness Mat

7 reviews
Fitness Mad 7 Inch Exer-Soft Ball

3 reviews
Fitness Mad 9 Inch Exer-Soft Ball

3 reviews
£7.49 £7.99
Adidas Yoga Tote Bag

4 reviews
£29.99 £42.00
Fitness Mad Deluxe Yoga & Pilates Kit Bag

4 reviews
£25.99 £28.99
Reebok Yoga Block - Grey

1 review
Adidas Hot Yoga Mat

2 reviews
£19.99 £30.00
Reebok Yoga Block
£9.99 £12.00
Fitness Mad Half Yoga Block

1 review
Fitness Mad Organic Cotton Eye Pillow

1 review
Fitness Mad Yoga and Pilates Prop Bag

1 review
£25.99 £29.99
Reebok Love Fitness Mat
From £17.99 £23.00
Adidas Foam Yoga Block
£10.99 £12.00
Fitness Mad Studio Travel Yoga Mat

1 review
£18.99 £20.99
Fitness Mad Yoga Wedge
Reebok Yoga Wedge
£11.99 £14.00

Whatever your yoga goal is, we have a range of yoga accessories available to suit your needs. Let’s take a look.

Yoga blocks

When it comes to yoga poses, yoga blocks are a must. You’ll be surprised just how useful they are and how many poses they are necessary for. They help you achieve deeper and more challenging poses, provide support and assist with balance.

Yoga bags

What better way to carry all of your yoga accessories to class than in a yoga bag. Yoga bags are designed not only to carry your smaller items such as your phone, purse, wallet and keys but also your yoga mat. Our yoga bags are fashionable and waterproof. You’ll be the envy of the yoga class!

Yoga straps

Yoga straps are another essential tool for practicing yoga. Their main function is to assist with performing stretches and poses and achieving proper alignment. Yoga straps also act as an extension of your body to help you reach further and achieve positions which you may otherwise be unable to. Adjustable yoga straps allow you to tighten the strap resulting in a deeper stretch and longer hold.

Yoga socks

Yoga socks can offer more grip than bare feet, improving balance during yoga poses. They also offer a hygienic and warmer alternative to the floor and if you’re exercising outside, they are ideal for protecting your feet. If going barefoot isn’t for you and you’d rather keep your feet covered, these are the perfect solution.