Push Up Bars


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HXGN Angled Push Up Parallels
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Adidas Push Up Bars

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HXGN Rotating Push Up Bars
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Reebok Push Up Bars
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Are push up bars better than normal push-ups?

Upper body strength can be effectively developed by both standard push ups and push ups with bars. In order to compare the two, we will take into account several elements including joint comfort, muscle engagement, and overall efficacy in reaching fitness goals.

What do push up bars do?

Push ups are great exercises for strengthening your chest, shoulders, biceps and back. Performing the exercise using push up bars makes it more challenging since your hands need to grip the bars which are above the floor and you can allow your chest to go lower than you could doing a regular press up. This greater range of movement works your chest and arm muscles harder thereby giving them a better workout. Push up bars put less tension on your wrists as you don’t need to bend them as you would if your hands were on the floor. Using push up bars regularly also strengthens your grip and increases the strength in your wrists and forearms.