Established in 1948 in Germany by Karl Uhl, the company began by producing leather studs for football boots. Today, Uhlsport produces a variety of football equipment including footballs, shin pads, goalkeeping gloves and more. It is particularly known for its high quality goalkeeping equipment which is used by professional players all over the world. The Uhlsport Pure Alliance Soft Pro Goalkeeper Gloves are strong, durable and comfortable gloves which are key features necessary for any goalkeeper. In keeping with the gloves, Uhlsport footballs are also strong and durable featuring a high rebound butyl bladder giving optimum air retention and playing characteristics. If you’re looking to do team or group training, the size 5 Uhlsport team training footballs 12-pack is perfect for you. Ideal for schools and clubs alike. Or, if you prefer, Uhlsport have produced high quality individual training footballs of all sizes to suit all age groups.