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Comparing Weight Benches

There are a number of things to consider before investing in your weight bench. With so many benches available, it’s a good idea to compare them before making your final choice. Here is our weight bench buyer's guide.

Which flooring is best for my home gym?

Cardio machines and strength training equipment could all cause damage to your floor if it is left unprotected. Before choosing your floor protection, there are a few important points to consider. Here is our gym flooring buyer's guide.

What is the difference between dumbbell and barbell weight benches?

Dumbbell and barbell weight benches serve distinct purposes in weight training. Both are popular choices for those keen to build muscle and strength. Let’s take a look at the differences.

Building muscle and strength through weight training is a great way to keep fit and it’s not just about building the beach ready body. There are many health benefits to building muscle which is important for all of us, and in particular, as you get older since muscle mass naturally declines unless you do something about it.

Having the right weight training equipment for you is essential to your success in achieving your goals. A weight bench, for example, is a key piece of equipment, particularly for building strength in your upper body. It provides a stable platform for you to perform particular exercises which would not be possible without one. For example certain chest exercises which require variable angles would not be easily performed without one. A bench press is a popular exercise which builds upper body strength and can only be executed effectively on a bench, particularly at different angles. Having a weight bench gives you more workout options and is definitely worth considering, particularly as you progress with your lifting and want to expand your lifting options. For inspiration, be sure to check out our York weight benches collection. York pioneered the home strength market since their founding in 1932 and have been producing high quality benches that are sought after worldwide ever since.

When choosing a weight bench and where you will put it, you may also want to think about your floor and protecting it from your equipment. Heavy equipment can take its toll on the floor but floor protection such as equipment mats are specifically designed to protect your floor from damage which could otherwise occur. Dropping weights at the end of a set can also impact your floor. Other effective tools for building strength are pull up bars and push up bars. Pull up bars are great tool for strengthening muscles in the upper body. Using a pull up bar as part of your workout will also work your abs. Similarly, push up bars help you work your shoulders, chest, back and arms making the workout more difficult and challenging than performing standard floor push ups and thereby, increasing muscle strength.