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Adidas Skipping Rope Set

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Adidas Skipping Rope
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York Vinyl Speed Rope
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Reebok Skipping Rope
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Is skipping good for you?

Many of us used to love skipping when we were children, such a fun playground activity and the mention of a skipping rope often brings back fond memories. What some of us didn’t know is just how good skipping is for you. Skipping rope, or jumping rope is a great cardiovascular exercise. You can pace yourself and start off slowly and gradually build the intensity increasing your heart rate which is great for your heart, lungs and blood circulation. You’ll also burn off those calories, so if you’re looking to lose fat, this is a great exercise to go for.

Skipping is a weight bearing exercise which makes it ideal for strengthening the muscles and joints in the legs and lower body and increases bone density, which is great for children who are growing but also for adults. Lower bone density can result in uncomfortable health conditions such as osteoporosis and prevention is better than cure, so skipping rope regularly can help to prevent this. Age is not a barrier to skipping. Skipping is easier on the joints than jogging or running so is a great option if you’re older. Skipping offers a full body workout since you need to work both your lower and upper body.

Why do boxers jump rope?

One of the most effective exercises boxers do is skipping. Not only do they get the full body workout described earlier but it helps them to develop clean, light footwork for quick movement around the boxing ring. It is also good for balance and endurance which are key skills for boxing.