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What are the benefits of using a punch bag?

When you think of punch bags, you’ll probably think of boxing and rightly so. However, it’s not just boxing that punch bags are useful for. The range of benefits that training with a punch bag brings is vast, even for the non-boxers among us.

How to choose the right goalkeeper gloves

Deciding on the right goalkeeper gloves can be quite daunting as there are so many aspects to ponder. The cut, grip, finger style and sizing are just a few points to consider. Here is our guide to help you choose.

Is boxing good exercise?

Boxing is an excellent form of exercise, combining aerobic elements with anaerobic elements. It is also great for improving balance, as it requires fast, dynamic movements. Additionally, boxing helps to increase your flexibility, resulting in a more toned body. In short, boxing is an efficient, full-body workout.

Sport has no end of health benefits. Physically, it provides a great cardiovascular workout which is great for keeping the heart and lungs strong and healthy. It also helps us to burn fat and keep to a healthy weight which is key to good health and fitness. Keeping active is known to reduce the risk of many illnesses including heart disease, type two diabetes and cancer. But sport isn’t just about the physical benefits. Playing sport is also good for your mental health and is known to reduce stress hormones and stimulate the release of endorphins which are the “feel good” hormones, which improve mood and reduce feelings of anxiousness and depression. Along with this, playing sport in a team brings about friendships and camaraderie and encourages respect amongst the players since each person’s performance impacts the whole team. It’s great socially and brings about a feeling of belonging. Sport is so diverse and everyone and anyone can get involved. Whatever your age and fitness level there is a sport for you. There are so many sports to choose from. If you prefer a low impact sport, you may go for something like table tennis or yoga, or if you prefer something more intense, then runningfootball or basketball may be for you. Don’t let anything stop you.