Resistance Bands & Tubes


Product Type
Reebok Resistance Tube - Heavy

2 reviews
£13.99 £15.00
Reebok Power Tube Set

9 reviews
£24.99 £35.00
Reebok Resistance Tube - Medium

2 reviews
£11.99 £13.00
Adidas Pilates Bands

1 review
£10.99 £35.00
Reebok Training Resistance Band - Medium

1 review
£11.99 £15.00
Fitness Mad Resistance Band

6 reviews
£5.99 £7.49
Fitness Mad Mini Power Loop Strong

2 reviews
Reebok Studio Power Tube - Level 5

2 reviews
£19.99 £32.00
Reebok Resistance Tube - Light

1 review
£9.99 £10.00
Fitness Mad Mini Loop Extra Strong

1 review
Reebok Studio Power Tube - Level 3

2 reviews
£18.99 £28.00

Learn about resistance bands & tubes

What are the differences between resistance bands and tubes?

Although resistance bands and resistance tubes are widely used for strength training, yoga, Pilates, and rehabilitation, they differ significantly in terms of structure, adaptability, durability, and other factors. To assist you in selecting the ideal tube or band for your requirements, let's talk about their distinctions.

Can you build muscle with resistance bands and tubes?

Resistance bands and tubes have grown in favour as adaptable and lightweight strength training aids. But are they useful tools for muscle building? Let's examine the science of resistance tube and band training and how it can aid in the development of muscle.

Why should I use resistance bands?

Resistance bands are really versatile, effective tools which can be used to build strength, flexibility and balance. It’s possible to do a full body workout using a single resistance band. Resistance bands are great to use as a warm-up tool before you begin your workout. Everything you can do with weights, you can do with resistance bands, from bicep curls, shoulder press and bet over rows, to lat raises and lat pull-downs. Resistance bands are great for building muscle. Muscle burns calories whilst at rest so if fat loss is one of your goals, build muscle, it’s a great way to burn fat. Resistance bands have different levels of resistance so you can choose how light or heavy you want your workout to be.

As well as all of this, resistance bands are great for assistance during your workout. For instance, you can loop one around your pull-up bar, then either stand or kneel on the band as you pull yourself up on your bar. As you get stronger, you can remove the band and execute your pull-ups without it.

Another great benefit of resistance bands is that they are lightweight, portable and easy to throw into your bag and carry around with you. They also take up little room so they’re easy to store away when you’re not using them.