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Reebok Boxing Gloves - White/Black
£20.99 £35.00
Reebok Boxing Gloves - Black and Gold

2 reviews
£25.99 £35.00
Reebok Boxing Gloves - Gold/Black

1 review
£21.99 £35.00
Reebok Boxing Gloves - Gold/White

1 review
£21.99 £35.00
No Stink Sports Glove Deodorisers

7 reviews
Reebok Boxing Gloves - Red/White

1 review
£20.99 £35.00
Reebok 4ft PU Punch Bag
£74.99 £130.00
Reebok Combat Leather Training Gloves

1 review
£38.99 £75.00
York Floor To Ceiling Ball

3 reviews
Reebok 3ft Punch Bag
£49.99 £80.00
Reebok Hook and Jab Pads
£28.99 £43.00
Reebok Pro Quick Hand Wraps

1 review
£11.99 £15.00
Adidas Weighted Gloves

7 reviews
£23.99 £30.00

How to choose the right boxing gloves?

Finding the best boxing gloves for your needs starts with understanding the factors that affect choice - training goals, skill level, hand size and intended purpose. Follow our guide to help you choose perfect pair for your goals and maximise your performance.

Boxing has seen a huge increase in popularity with fans of the sport willing to travel far and wide to cheer on and support their favourite boxers. So, do you have to be fit to be a boxer? Boxing is a hugely demanding sport and the fitter you are, the more successful you are likely to be. Weight training will help build muscle which is a key element to improving strength, however cardiovascular fitness is essential for this intense and challenging sport. Skipping is an excellent training method to improve stamina and also helps with footwork. A punchbag is the ideal tool for punching practice to help progress agility, strength and skill.