Weight Benches


Product Type
Adidas Performance Training Bench

18 reviews
£199.00 £325.00
HXGN Ultimate Dumbbell Weight Bench

1 review
£79.99 £199.99
Adidas Performance Utility Weight Bench

1 review
£99.99 £220.00
York FTS Commercial Flat to Incline Bench

1 review
Reebok Deck - Blue

2 reviews
£144.99 £250.00
Reebok Deck - Red

3 reviews
£144.99 £250.00
Reebok Deck - White
£144.99 £250.00
Adidas HIIT Deck
£159.99 £250.00
York Squat Stands
£89.99 £219.99
York Dumbbell Weight Bench Black Edition

1 review
£89.99 £239.99
York B530 Heavy Duty Multi-Function Barbell Bench

2 reviews
£119.99 £299.99
HXGN Barbell Bench with Leg Developer

5 reviews
£99.99 £249.99

Which weight bench is best for me?

Deciding which weight bench to buy may seem quite daunting and you may have many questions in your mind regarding this. Do I really need one? How much will it cost? Have I got space for one? Let’s take a look.

If you are serious about lifting weights and building muscle a weight lifting bench really is a recommended tool you should invest in. Weight lifting benches allow you to train in a number of different ways which would otherwise not be possible. They are versatile pieces of equipment which will not only support you and your weights, but also allow for correct posture which reduces the risk of injury.

Choose your budget

A weight bench is an investment which should last you a number of years so take that into account when you’re looking at how much to spend. Also consider that the bench is going to support your full body weight along with the weights you are going to be lifting, so you want it to be a good quality bench. Just because its good quality doesn’t mean it has to be outside of budget though. We have some great options for you.


When deciding on the area you want to position your bench, remember that you will also need to allow for your training positions such as full arm extensions, the length of the barbell for bench presses and space for your legs. Always check the dimensions of the benches before deciding on one and measure the area you have planned for your bench to ensure you have enough space.

What are your weight lifting goals?

It’s worth considering what your main objectives are. Are you new to weight training? Which exercises are you planning to use your bench for? Are you looking to maintain muscular strength? Do you want to focus on one particular area? Are you looking to train heavy? What pieces of equipment do you plan to use with your bench? Note down all of these considerations. This will help when you come to deciding on which bench is most suitable.