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Hand Grips


Fat Gripz in Box
Fat Gripz - The Ultimate Arm Builder

5 reviews
£26.99 £29.99
Adidas adjustable hand grip
Adidas Adjustable Grip Trainer 10-40kg
£10.99 £13.00
Adidas Pro Hand Grips
Adidas Pro Hand Grips

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York Soft Hand Grips - Strong
HXGN Adjustable Hand Grip 10-40kg
HXGN Adjustable Hand Grip 10-40kg
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Fat Gripz Extreme
Fat Gripz Extreme

3 reviews
£26.99 £32.99
Fitness Mad Pro Power Hand Grips
York Soft Hand Grips - Extra Strong
ExaFit Exa-Ball Hand Exerciser
Fitness Mad Mega Bar Grips

What are hand grips good for?

The importance of grip strength is arguably one of the most underestimated aspects considered in regards to strength training. As well as whilst working out, grip strength plays a key part in day to day life and can easily be taken for granted. Opening doors, carrying shopping, sweeping the floor all require grip strength. Lack of grip strength is often more obvious when working out. Deadlifts, pull ups, curls, rows, bench presses, to name but a few, all require grip strength. The ability to perform effectively and to progress will test your grip strength. Grip trainers are the perfect solution to this, improving the strength of the muscles in your forearm, wrist and hands. Improving grip strength also helps prevent injury. Don’t let your grip strength let you down, limiting your ability to achieve your lifting goals.