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Polar T31 Coded Transmitter

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Polar Strap Set for T31/T61

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Polar Pro Chest Strap

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Polar was founded in 1977 by Seppo Säynäjäkangas. Seppo invented the first wireless heart rate monitor, a breakthrough in technology, since prior to this, there had been no way to accurately track or record heart rates whilst exercising. Polar has since gone on to produce multiple technological devices from smartwatches to activity trackers all of which allow users to keep track of their training and fitness levels. One such example is the Polar Unite Fitness Watch. With its eye-catching design, it not only tracks your training and heart rate, it also tracks your sleep and alerts you to phone notifications. These are just a few of the many features offered by this nice looking smartwatch. Polar has produced many heart rate monitors since 1977. The Polar Verity Sense is a popular choice of heart rate monitors since it is small and can be worn wherever suits the user. As long as it is snug against the skin, you’re good to go. It can even be worn when swimming. Simply clip it onto your swimming goggles against your temple.

Polar is a highly reputable brand with a great reputation for producing high quality fitness technology products. Once you have one, there’s no going back!