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Adidas Training Mat

14 reviews
£28.99 £40.00
Adidas Yoga Socks

8 reviews
£7.99 £11.00
Adidas Adjustable Essential Gloves

4 reviews
£8.99 £15.00
Adidas Half Finger Weight Lifting Gloves

4 reviews
£14.99 £20.00
Adidas Leather Weight Lifting Belt

7 reviews
£14.99 £25.00
Adidas Mens Full Finger Performance Gloves

3 reviews
£13.99 £20.00
Adidas Essential Weight Lifting Belt

5 reviews
£14.99 £20.00
Adidas Womens Essential Gloves

1 review
£8.99 £12.00
Adidas Weighted Gloves

4 reviews
£23.99 £30.00
Adidas Mens Full Finger Essential Gloves

1 review
£13.99 £15.00
Adidas 7mm Training Mat

2 reviews
£20.99 £26.00
Adidas Half Finger Performance Gloves

1 review
£10.99 £15.00
Adidas Skipping Rope Set

1 review
£31.99 £45.00
Adidas Lifting Straps

1 review
£8.99 £10.00
Adidas Wrist Wraps
£8.99 £10.99
Adidas Ankle Wrist Weights 2 x 1kg

3 reviews
£20.99 £28.00
Adidas Pilates Bands
£11.99 £35.00
Adidas Ab Wheel
£15.99 £20.00
Adidas Push Up Bars

2 reviews
£17.99 £20.00
Adidas Skipping Rope
£15.99 £23.00
Adidas Ankle Wrist Weights 2 x 0.5kg

1 review
£16.99 £20.00
Adidas Resistance Tube - Heavy

1 review
£15.99 £20.00
Adidas Door Gym

1 review
£34.99 £50.00
Adidas Essential Gloves

1 review
£10.99 £13.00
Adidas Pro Hand Grips

1 review
£12.99 £14.00
Adidas 75cm Gym Ball
£18.49 £23.00
76 results

Adidas was founded in Germany by Adolf “Adi” Dassler in the 1920s. Adi began by making sports shoes in a room in his mother’s house. Adidas is now the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and second largest in the world. In 1953, adidas introduced its 3 stripe logo for which it is recognised worldwide today.

Along with sportswear, adidas is renowned for its quality fitness equipment and accessories producing just about everything ‘fitness’ you could need. For those who enjoy lifting weights, adidas have produced a great range of weight benches, built from steel, for steadiness and reliability. Adidas dumbbells, made with a cast iron core and neoprene coating are perfect for strength training - easy to grip with hexagonal ends which prevents the dumbbells from rolling. For all of your floor based exercises, adidas have produced a huge variety of exercise mats to ensure your joints are protected during your workout.

Used and trusted by athletes all over the world, adidas equipment is second to none and you can be assured of the best quality products which will last.