Gone are the days when the only solution for joint and muscle pain and soreness was a bag of frozen peas. That was the thinking of Dr. Carol Baltazar who wanted a better solution for her patients. She joined forces with Gina Dubbé and together they founded the incredible brand, TheraPearl.

ThereaPearl produce high quality hot and cold compresses which have changed the way we can treat these everyday problems in a simple, effective, mess free way. The hot and cold compresses are available for just about any part of the body affected. From the neck to the knee and the face to the shin, there is a pack to treat the soreness. Additionally, TheraPearl have produced the TheraPearl Hot and Cold Sports Pack which can be used on any area which needs to be treated. Easy to heat in the microwave or freeze in the freezer, these neat packs conform precisely to your body and soothe away pain and discomfort.