HXGN 2 x 6kg Hex Dumbbells

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The HXGN Hex 6kg Dumbbells are ideal for strengthening and toning and can be used for those who want to add more intensity to their workout. This pair of 6kg vinyl coated Hex dumbbells are durable, comfortable to hold and are easy to store when not in use. In addition, the chunky handle design helps to develop grip strength which is vital for achieving heavier lifts.

Dumbbells are extremely versatile and there are hundreds of different  exercises to work your arms, shoulders, core, back, chest, legs and glutes. Good for helping with weight loss, muscle toning, building strength or improving overall health, this pair of dumbbells have a clever hexagonal design so they will not roll around on your floor.

Also available in 4kg and 8kg pairs and a family 12kg set (sold separately).

Additional Information

Pair of 6kg Hex dumbbells
Smooth vinyl coating
6 sided design to prevent rolling
Great for strengthening and toning
Use for hundreds of free weight exercises
Target arms, shoulders, back, chest, abs, legs and glutes
Helpful for fat loss and calorie burn
Can be used for rehabilitation and warm-up purposes
Suitable for all fitness levels
Colour: Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Claire O. (United Kingdom)
Very good value

Larger than I imagined them to be but excellent value

Michael W. (United Kingdom)
A good buy

as advertised

Nicola M. (United Kingdom)
Good value

My only issue is the grip bar in the middle is a little fat. It would be easier to get a grip if they were slightly thinner

Sugarcube (United Kingdom)
Spot on

The dumbells are a bit bigger than expected but work well.. Delivery was really quick & they were well packaged

John R. (United Kingdom)
Well made

Exactly what I needed, these dumbbells are well made, and durable. Grips are quite wide, but still able to lift them ok with my little dumpy hands.