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Dumbbells have been in existence for a long time. Discovered almost 2000 years ago in Ancient Greece, fashioned out of stone or metal and used as weights for lifting and also used by long jumpers to help them jump further. They were known as Halteres. Dumbbells have progressed since then and today there is a variety of different types of dumbbell to choose from. They are available individually, in pairs, or in sets in a range of weights, shapes, colours and materials.

Fixed dumbbells

Fixed dumbbells come with either circular or hexagonal ends. Equally effective to use, however the hexagonal dumbbells also called hex dumbbells have the advantage that their hexagonal shaped ends ensures they won’t roll when placed on the floor.

Adjustable dumbbells and dumbbells sets

Adjustable dumbbells allow you to change the weight to suit your needs. Dumbbell sets typically consist of a dumbbell bar with collars and a number of weight plates that you add onto the bar according to your requirements. There are also sets of dumbbells comprising a number of fixed weight pairs of dumbbells, often with a handy stand for storage when not in use.

Studio dumbbells

Studio dumbbells are typically colour coded with each weight having a different colour making them easier to quickly identify and put back into their correct position after use.

Commercial dumbbells

Commercial dumbbells are designed for more frequent use associated with a commercial environment like a studio or gym. However, they are also popular with people working out at home who want a more durable and often heavier set of weights.

What are the benefits of using dumbbells?

Dumbbells are a favourite for many people. Easy to store at home, they allow you to pack on some serious muscle and tone your body and there are numerous exercises you can do using them. Dumbbells are extremely versatile and can be used not only for strength exercise but also for aerobic exercise. Since dumbbells can be used singularly, they allow for a deeper range of motion and more freedom of movement which would not be possible using a barbell or machine at the gym.