Reebok Yo Ga Double Sided 4mm Yoga Mat

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The Reebok Double-Sided 4mm Yoga Mat with its chic “YO’ and ‘GA’ slogan design combines style with quality that will make you the envy of your yoga class. Double-sided, the mat features “YO’ on one side and ‘GA’ on the other so you can change your view as often as you want.

With a thickness of 4mm, the exercise mat will give effective cushioning to your elbows and knees during your fitness routine while being low enough to the floor so you feel grounded and balanced.

This grey and white yoga mat boasts a non-slip ‘sticky' texture ensuring you will easily keep a good balance and stable posture, even when you are performing your more challenging moves. It measures 173cm in length and 61cm wide meaning it is suitable for users of all ages and ability. After use, the mat is simple to clean and is easily rolled up, carried and stored away.

Additional Information

Dimensions: L 173 x W 61cm
4mm thickness
Double-sided grey/white design with 'Yo' and 'Ga'
Non-slip sticky texture to help you maintain pose
Comfortable cushion against hard surfaces
Easy to clean, transport and store