Fitness Mad 10kg Cast Iron Kettlebell Black

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The Fitness Mad 10kg Kettlebell Black is great for home weight training, athletics, martial art and all sports training. Kettlebells have grown in popularity in recent years not just because they are extremely effective at burning fat and strengthening most muscles in the body, but also because they can be used in so many different ways. They can be used for hundreds of different exercises to help improve stability, core strength and endurance as well as to tone and strengthen muscles in the arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes and legs. They can also provide a fantastic cardio workout.

This kettlebell is made of made of cast iron and features a hard-wearing vinyl coating to protect your floor. It also displays the weight on the front.  This kettlebell has an oversized, powder-coated handle to guarantee that you maintain a solid grip, even during the most challenging workout.

This item is sold individually. If you are looking for kettlebells of a different weight, we have a wide variety of other weights available from 4kg to 24kg (see our website) meaning there is a kettlebell suitable for users of all ages and all fitness levels.

Additional Information

Great for fat burning and cardio
Perfect for toning and strengthening most muscle groups
Improves balance, agility and endurance
Oversized handle
Excellent grip
Black heavy duty vinyl skin
Weight: 10kg
Sold individually
Colour: Black