Fitness Mad Pro Power Hand Grips

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The Fitness Mad Pro Power grip is great for helping improve wrist and forearm strength, which is essential for weightlifting and sports that rely on having a strong grip. These superior quality hand grippers are designed for durability and ultimate performance and are made from premium grade aluminium. They feature a high quality steel spring and an engraved pattern to give you an anti-slip grip.

These hand grips are available in a choice of resistance: 30kg, 45kg, 60kg, 90kg or 110kg with each option having different coloured handles for easy identification. With such a wide choice, there is a power grip suitable for users of all ages and strength.

Additional Information

Superior quality hand grips
Ideal for developing greater grip strength
Perfect for physiotherapy or rehabilitation
Premium grade aluminium grip
Steel spring
Choice of resistance: 30kg, 45kg, 60kg, 90kg or 110kg
Sold individually