HXGN Floor Guards

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Protect your floor from equipment damage with the HXGN Floor Guards. This jigsaw-style set of 4 interlocking guard tiles is an ideal way to keep your exercise bike, cross trainer, rower, treadmill or weight bench from wrecking havoc on your floors or carpets. It is also perfect for protecting your floors from damage caused by dumbbells, barbells & kettlebells.

As an added bonus, the guards provide a comfy base for exercising so your floor based workouts can be both enjoyable and effective. Each tile is approx 60cm x 60cm plus side pieces - arrange them in your own pattern to give your home gym the perfect fit.
Additional Information

Set of 4 interlocking floor guards
Each foam tile is 60cm x 60cm
Thickness: 1.3cm
Includes edge pieces
Complete set of four guards covers an area of 120cm x 120cm
Helps protect floors from exercise equipment
Provides a soft training area when exercising
Jigsaw design enables variety of patterns to suit your equipment or room
Durable construction
Easy to clean
Colour: Black

Customer Reviews

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James M. (United Kingdom)
Great Price and Work well

The price was really good and I was looking for some Matt’s to place my new bench on. These are as the price says budget, they can move a little but thick enough to take the weights and create a protection to the floor. Fast delivery