Are push up bars better than normal push ups?

Woman using push up bars in her living room

Push ups using push up bars and traditional push ups are both effective exercises for building upper body strength. Let’s compare the two, considering factors such as muscle engagement, joint comfort, and overall effectiveness in achieving fitness goals.

Muscle engagement:

Traditional Push Ups:

Traditional push ups engage a wide range of muscles, including the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core. The exercise promotes overall upper body strength and stability.

Push Up Bars:

Push up bars allow for a deeper range of motion, emphasising the chest and shoulders. This can be advantageous for isolating specific muscle groups and may lead to increased muscle activation in these areas.

Joint comfort:

Traditional Push Ups:

While traditional push ups are accessible and require no additional equipment, you may experience wrist discomfort due to the extension of the wrist joint.

Push Up Bars:

Push up bars alleviate wrist strain by allowing a neutral wrist position. This can be particularly beneficial if you have wrist issues or discomfort during regular push ups.

Variation and convenience:

Traditional Push Ups:

Traditional push ups are convenient, requiring no equipment, and can be performed anywhere. They offer a straightforward and effective way to engage multiple muscle groups.

Push Up Bars:

Push up bars provide a variation to the standard push up and can add diversity to a workout routine. They are portable, allowing you to bring them to different locations for a versatile workout.

The choice between push up bars and traditional push ups depends on your own personal preferences, fitness goals, and any existing physical conditions. Traditional push ups are simple, convenient, and engage multiple muscle groups, making them suitable for various fitness levels. Push up bars offer the advantage of reduced wrist strain and a potentially deeper range of motion, targeting specific muscle groups. Both exercises can be incorporated into a well-rounded fitness routine to achieve overall upper body strength and endurance. Ultimately, the decision should align with your fitness objectives and personal comfort.