Are Softgrip Dumbbells Better Than Traditional Dumbbells?

You’ve decided that you need to tone up and strengthen your upper body. You’re set on getting some dumbbells to help. You’ve looked online to see what’s available. The range is huge. And now you’re stuck. You’ve noticed softgrip dumbbells but are unsure if they are for you. What do you choose?

Woman performing aerobic workout with softgrip dumbbells

The answer, as always, depends on what you want to achieve. But first let’s talk about softgrip dumbbells. What are they? Simply put, softgrip dumbbells are often made from cast iron which is encased in a soft foam or neoprene material. This foam covering makes them soft to the touch, whereas traditional dumbbells are hard and rigid. This softness means there is less abrasion of the skin on the hands during use. If you have experienced calluses from the friction and pressure of using rigid dumbbells or barbells, you will know how unsightly and annoying they can be. Softgrip dumbbells remove this outcome. The foam covering on softgrip dumbbells also makes them warmer to handle than dumbbells with metallic handles. This is a great benefit when training on cold days.

Softgrip dumbbells are also typically cylindrical shaped whereas the traditional dumbbell is a handle with a plate-shaped weight at each end. This means that softgrip dumbbells take up less space than rigid dumbbells, making them easier to store and simpler to carry to the gym.

Softgrip dumbbells also usually have adjustable fabric straps that secure the weight to your hand. This works by placing your hand through the strap and gripping the hand weight. The strap is then tightened over the top of the hand to secure a snug fit. This means that if your grip lets you down, your weights don’t just fall to the floor. With traditional dumbbells, there is no strap - it’s all down to your grip strength.

Unlike traditional dumbbells, softgrip dumbbells are usually only available in lighter weights (up to 2kg each/ 4kg per pair), whereas rigid, hard dumbbells can each go from 0.5kg up to 30kg, 40kg or more. This smaller size of softgrip dumbbells, combined with an adjustable strap makes them perfect for adding intensity to your walk, run, aerobic step workout, zumba session or for rehabilitation purposes if you are recovering from injury.

If you are looking to lift heavy weights, softgrip dumbbells are probably not for you but if you want toning without bulking up or an easy way to intensify your daily workout routine, they may just be the solution you have been looking for.