Do ab wheels really work?

Young woman using an ab wheel


Most of us would love to see that ripped body when we look in the mirror and there are many machines at the gym which, once you get your head around how to use them, can help strengthen and build those abs. However, there is a small, humble piece of equipment which really packs a punch when it comes to muscle strengthening and that is the ab wheel. Ab wheels allow for an intense yet low-impact exercise. This modest tool may not be easy to find at the local gym but it's a must have for most home gyms.

What muscles do ab wheels work?

Interestingly, although it’s called an ab wheel or ab roller, this little beauty works way more than just the abs. Teaching tension for the upper body, performing kneeling ab rollouts works the whole anterior core which includes the external and internal obliques and entire upper body, including the lats, chest, delts, triceps, biceps and of course the recutus abdominus - otherwise known as the abs. In addition to all of this, performing standing rollouts with an ab wheel will require the quads and hip flexors to be engaged, demanding total body tension for the workout to be performed. It’s worth mentioning here that although ab wheel workouts will help to strengthen the core and define the abs, the abs will only be visible if you have a low body fat percentage which can only be achieved with a healthy balanced diet.

Good workout form

As with all other exercise equipment, to ensure you get the most out of an ab wheel it is essential that your form is right. Attempting to use an ab wheel without proper guidance could negatively impact your workout results and worse, lead to injury. Once your form is perfected, used consistently, is a great tool for muscle toning and strengthening and will help improve balance and posture whilst burning fat and calories. But don’t be fooled, using this innocent little fitness tool is not easy and conquering its use takes time, patience and willpower! Having said that, what fitness regime which gets results is ever easy?