Should I get a smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a great companion you won’t want to leave home without. Smartwatches can do just about everything a smartphone can do and more and depending on which one you buy, has multiple useful functions which, once you are used to having, you won’t want to be without. Polar watches are a great choice of smartwatch which are built to the highest standard and are competitively priced. Most smartwatches can be used with common fitness apps enabling you to monitor your progress on your smartphone.

Smartwatch on Wrist


The obvious function of a smartwatch is that it tells the time, just like a regular watch. Smartwatches also display the day and date, just as you would expect.

Heart rate

Smartwatches include a built in heart rate monitor so your heart rate is continuously monitored whenever you are wearing your watch. This is a great function which allows you to ensure your heart rate is at the ideal level for the most efficient workout.


Many smartwatches offer daily workouts to suit your fitness level along with activity tracking for multiple sports including walking, cycling, strength training, Yoga and more.

Tracks your training

Smartwatches track your training, including your daily activity, counts your steps and the distance travelled. You can also set fitness goals and keep tabs on how well you are doing.

Calorie burn

Your smartwatch will keep track of the number of calories you are burning throughout the day whether you are exercising or performing normal daily activities.


Text messages, WhatsApp messages, emails, phone calls, most smartwatches will notify you when you receive all of these. No need to find your phone, you can see them on your wrist and then decide whether you want to respond.

Activity alerts

Most smartwatches will nudge you if you have been inactive for too long, prompting you to get up and move around, which is great for your health.

Wrist computer

Standard smartwatches have the functionality of an alarm and stopwatch and some have additional functions such as ‘find my phone’, calendar and calculator.


Wear your smartwatch while you sleep and most will monitor the quality of your sleep, which will help you to understand your sleep patterns and make any changes to your routine as you feel necessary.


Most smartwatches are waterproof allowing you to go swimming and play water sports to a certain depth, tracking your swimming activity, pace, distance and your heart rate whilst in the water - not something you would do with your smartphone!