Should I wear weight lifting gloves?

This is an interesting question and one which is often discussed by gym buddies. Some think that gloves can interfere with your grip as it makes the bar feel thicker. Others feel you can become dependent on your gloves, like that’s a problem. There are many advantages to wearing weight lifting gloves and there is a huge variety to choose from.

Woman wearing weight lifting gloves


Whilst some say wearing gloves has a negative impact on your grip as it makes the bar feel thicker, the reality is that a thicker bar makes the lift more challenging thereby increasing muscle strength. Additionally, sweaty hands increases the risk of the weight slipping out of your hand and causing injury. Wearing weight lifting gloves ensures there is no problem with sweaty palms. Most gloves will absorb the sweat allowing you a firm grip without the fear of your bar slipping. They also negate the need for chalk or liquid chalk which can be messy and is not allowed in some gyms.


Calluses tend to be a byproduct of lifting weights. They are thick, hard layers of skin which form on the hands and can be caused by the friction and pressure of lifting weights. Some people wear their calluses like a badge of honour but this is unnecessary since your build and muscle size will show that you are a serious lifter. Calluses can be unsightly, become sore and interfere with your ability to train. If you continue to train with unprotected calluses, they can open up, exposing sore and painful wounds which can become infected. This will affect your form and your ability to continue your training effectively.


Just as you would wear gloves to protect your hands whilst undertaking many other activities, why would you not consider protecting your hands whilst exercising? Wearing gloves for gardening, washing up, rock climbing, playing golf etc is second nature. It therefore makes sense that when using your hands to lift weights, perform pull ups and use other gym equipment, you would also want to protect your hands. Weight lifting gloves offer a layer of protection between your skin and the equipment and you can decide on how padded you would like your gloves to be. Some gloves, such as the adidas Elite Training Gloves also have wrist straps which help to give extra support to the wrists.


Although antibacterial sprays and wipes are available in most gyms, you can’t guarantee that the equipment you are about to use is free from germs and bacteria. Wearing gloves will ensure your skin is not exposed to this. Weight lifting gloves are washable and can be washed after each use so that they’re clean, fresh and ready for your next training session.


There are many different types of weight lifting gloves to choose from including long finger gloves, short finger gloves, gloves with or without wrist straps and adjustable gloves to name but a few. Be sure to check out our full range of weight lifting gloves and grab yourself a pair today.