Tips on Fitness Recovery

Recovery is a key part of any exercise routine and there are many things which you can do to aid recovery. Having a nutritious diet and getting adequate rest are arguably the two most important ways to ensure your body has the opportunity to recover. Let’s take a look at some of the key methods of boosting recovery.

Woman Recovery Stretching


Exercise causes microscopic damage to occur to the muscles. In response to this, the body sets about to repair and rebuild the muscles but it relies on protein to do this. Protein preserves muscle mass and is essential for muscle repair and regrowth. Consuming protein after a workout will help the body to repair and build muscle. Lean meat, eggs, greek yoghurt, milk and peanut butter are some good high protein options. A protein shake or protein bar may be a quick, convenient solution if you are on the go.


Workouts use the body’s muscle glycogen stores so it’s important to refuel on carbohydrate to replenish these stores as soon as possible after your training session. Failure to do so can limit your recovery and inhibit muscle growth, so if your goal is building muscle, this is an important factor for you. Bread, pasta, oats, grains, potatoes and fruit are a few examples of nutritious carbohydrates which can boost recovery.


Physical activity can cause sweating so it’s important to replace fluids which have been lost whilst exercising. If possible, keeping hydrated during exercise is best, or if not, as soon as possible afterwards. Water is usually the best option, however, if you are doing particularly strenuous workouts or exercising for longer periods of time, you may choose a sports drink which contains electrolytes which are lost through sweating.


Massage increases blood flow which promotes healing and is known to release tension in the muscles and relieve pain. Massage pre and post workout increases flexibility and helps reduce the risk of injury. Foam rollers and massage sticks are great recovery tools which will help speed up recovery.


Sleep is an essential part of recovery. When we sleep, the body secretes human growth hormone which is a key ingredient for muscle repair and regrowth along with the increase of muscle mass. Sleep also allows us the rest and recovery time our body needs to prepare for our next training session. Getting the right amount of sleep significantly reduces your risk of injury too!