What are the benefits of using a punch bag?

When you think of punch bags, you’ll probably think of boxing and rightly so since punch bags are a key piece of equipment, essential for boxers to train with. However, it’s not just boxing that punch bags are useful for. The range of benefits that training with a punch bag brings is vast, even for the non-boxers among us.

Reebok Heavy Punch Bag Workout

Strength training

Using a punch bag provides a full body workout which impacts most muscle groups. Throwing punches, kicking, kneeing and elbowing the bag ensures a demanding routine, head to toe.

Core exercise

Each time you hit the punch bag, you will automatically engage your core which is great for strengthening it. As you twist your hips to punch and kick, you engage your obliques which helps to build extra muscle.

Hand eye coordination

When a punch bag is struck it moves. Training with a punch bag helps to improve hand eye coordination as you need to adjust your aim to hit a moving target while you are also moving. This is ideal for all combat sports where you need to keep tabs on your opponent, along with racket sports and ball sports where you need to track a moving ball.

Burns fat

Not only do you get great strength training from using a punch bag, you also get a fun and intense cardio session. The rapid movements and force behind each move make for an ideal HIIT workout which along with building muscle, burns fat. Like all cardio sessions, it gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing which is great for your overall heart health. Over time it will also build stamina and endurance which means you can go for longer and see greater results.

Footwork and agility

In order to reposition your body, maintain your balance and generate more power, you need agility and quick footwork. Using a punch bag helps to develop these skills. By changing direction and improving explosive power you become more agile. It can even allow you to run faster. Agility is crucial for all sports and activities from boxing to running to dancing.

When choosing a punch bag, ensure you have enough space to move around allowing for long arm punches and kicks. Punch bags are available in different weights and sizes so it’s important to choose the right one for you to maximise its benefits.

Punch bags are perfect for developing a range of skills regardless of the sport you love. The repeated movements help improve motor skills, strength and balance. These are used by healthcare professionals to treat and enhance the health of patients with certain medical conditions, in order for them to relearn these skills. When using a punch bag, it is vital to ensure you wear the correct equipment to protect your body. Using wrist wraps and training gloves will do just that by supporting your hands and wrists which helps prevent shock injury.