What are the benefits of using hand grips?

Many day to day activities require us to use our grip. Whether that be lifting a knife and fork, brushing our teeth or combing our hair, all of these actions need a degree of grip strength and most of which, we do automatically without thinking about it. Grip strength can easily be taken for granted but it is in fact extremely significant and should not be underrated.

If you enjoy lifting weights or are a dedicated bodybuilder, you will probably know how important grip strength is. Workout performance can be negatively impacted by lack of grip strength but it is often the case that grip strength is not considered as the reason. Deadlifts, pull ups, curls and rows are a few examples of strength training which will be affected if your grip strength is not strong enough. The ability to progress and make gains will certainly be hampered.

Hand Grip Training

Grip trainers are a simple solution to the issue of lack of grip strength. They are effective tools in improving strength in the hands, wrists and forearms by building muscle making the forearms bigger and stronger. Grip trainers are available in different strengths and some are adjustable allowing you to change the amount of resistance according to your needs.

Lifting straps are another great tool which help to support your grip when lifting, however, working on your grip strength will enable you to lift more without them. That's not to say lifting straps don't have their place though. Be sure to check out our guide on how to use lifting straps to get the most out of their use.

If you want to lift more, it’s not just a case of building up muscle in your biceps, back, shoulders, chest, abs and legs, but you also need to spend time improving your grip strength. This will help not only with weight lifting but with other activities including racket sports, cricket, golf and mountain climbing to name but a few.