What is a yoga wedge used for?

Yoga wedges are designed to offer support to the wrists and elbows enabling you to access poses that you may not otherwise be able to achieve. They are made from a lightweight high-density foam which is sturdy enough to withstand body weight whilst being soft and comfortable to use.

What is a yoga wedge used for?

Yoga poses

Yoga poses are a key element to the practice of yoga helping to improve posture, flexibility and strength. It’s important to execute the poses correctly to reduce the risk of injury. If you are new to yoga, the basic poses can be relatively easy and straightforward to achieve. As you gain confidence and flexibility, you may move on to the next level of poses which are more intricate and challenging and more difficult to perform. Yoga wedges are a great tool to help you progress to the more advanced poses, giving you extra lift and support and enabling deeper poses.

Wrists and ankles

Certain poses, such as downward dog and the plank involve placing your wrist at a 90 degree angle which places strain on the joint. This can cause pain and discomfort for some people. Using a yoga wedge decreases the angle at which you need to place your wrist, enabling those who suffer with wrist pain to achieve and hold the pose whilst helping to alleviate the pain. Along with yoga poses, yoga wedges offer support when performing many other exercises such as press ups, by protecting the wrists, and squats, by supporting the heels.