What's the difference between basketball and netball?

Basketball net and basketball


Basketball and netball are two distinct court sports that share some similarities but also have several differences:

  • Game Objective:
    • In basketball, the primary objective is to score points by shooting the ball through the opposing team's hoop. Each successful basket is worth either two or three points, depending on the shooter's distance from the hoop.
    • In netball, the main objective is to score goals by shooting the ball through the opposing team's hoop. Each goal is worth one point.
  • Teams:
    • Basketball is typically played with teams of five players on the court at a time.
    • Netball is usually played with seven players on each team.
  • Dribbling:
    • Dribbling is an essential skill in basketball. Players can move with the ball by bouncing it while running or walking.
    • Dribbling is not allowed in netball. Players must pass the ball to teammates to advance it up the court.
  • Court Size:
    • Basketball courts are larger, typically measuring 28 by 15 metres.
    • Netball courts are smaller, measuring 30.5 by 15.25 metres.
  • Contact Rules:
    • Basketball allows more physical contact between players, such as blocking and screening.
    • Netball has stricter rules on physical contact, and defensive players must maintain a distance from the player with the ball.
  • Scoring Area:
    • In basketball, players can shoot from anywhere on the court, and there is a three-point line for shots made from a distance.
    • In netball, there are specific shooting zones, and players must be within or on the edge of the shooting circle to attempt a goal.
  • Duration:
    • Basketball games typically consist of four quarters, each lasting 12 minutes (NBA) or 10 minutes (FIBA).
    • Netball games are played in four quarters, each lasting 15 minutes.
  • Backboard and Ring:
    • In basketball, the hoop has a backboard, and the basket is larger in diameter.
    • In netball, the hoop is smaller and does not have a backboard.
  • Equipment:
    • Basketball is played with a larger ball that is heavier and has a different design.
    • Netball uses a smaller, lighter ball with a different surface texture.

While basketball and netball share some common elements, such as the presence of hoops and teams, they have different rules, court sizes, team sizes, and scoring systems, making them distinct sports with their own unique characteristics. Both sports offer great opportunities for physical activity and teamwork.