Which Elbow Support is Best?

Elbow supports can be extremely effective in helping to reduce pain and speed up the healing process following injury. The support and compression they offer can be effective enough to allow you to continue with your chosen activities whilst protecting the joint from further injury.

Basketball Elbow Support

Choosing the right elbow support for you can be tricky and it’s wise to consult your health care professional before deciding on one. Each one offers different features. The table below gives a brief overview of our most popular ones.



What does it do?

Reebok Elbow Support

Supports and bolsters the arm. Ideal following injury or as preventative protection. Ventilation patch for breathability, helps to keep you cool when working out. Reflective graphic aids visibility.

Adidas Elbow Support

Provides comfort and support whilst allowing full range of motion. Breathable material allows for airflow to the covered area.

Vulkan AirXtend Elbow Support

Offers support and compression for sprains, strains and other elbow injuries. Adjustable straps allow you to control the compression. Airprene neoprene and coolmax fabric provides heat retention, increasing blood flow to the affected area, accelerating healing.

Vulkan Classic Elbow Support 

Provides support for strains, sprains, arthritic and muscle pain. Can also be worn during activities prone to repetitive strain injury such as racket sports. Heat retaining neoprene along with air flow ensures the support is comfortable to wear.

Vulkan Classic Elbow Support with Strap

Helps to manage the symptoms of strains, sprains, arthritic pain and muscle pain. Perfect for providing firm support during activities prone to repetitive strain injury such as racket sports. Adjustable tension strap enables you to increase compression as and when needed. Therapeutic heat retaining properties along with air flow ensure the support is comfortable to wear.

Vulkan Elbow Wrap

Can be worn to help prevent injury such as strains and sprains. Lightweight, comfortable elasticated material can be easily positioned on the arm for controlled compression.

Vulkan Tennis Elbow Brace

Helps to relieve the symptoms of elbow pain, golfers pain, epicondylitis and reduces stress on the elbow caused by repetitive strain injury. Offers gentle compression to the forearm muscles and tendons surrounding the elbow. Includes a removable splint which helps relieve outer elbow pain by applying pressure to the distal and Proxima areas of the forearm. The pressure of the cuff can be easily adjusted using the hook and loop fasteners. Can be worn during daily activities including racket sports, golf and other activities prone to repetitive strain injury.

Vulkan AirXtend Tennis Elbow Support

Ideal for those suffering from tennis elbow. Offers support and compression. Retains heat at the site of injury, increases blood flow and oxygen to the damaged tissue. Adjustable tension strap allows you to alter the compression and support to suit your needs. Comfortable to wear.

Vulkan Classic Tennis Elbow Strap

Ideal for use during sports activities prone to repetitive strain injury, such as racket sports, tennis and golf. Helps to relieve the symptoms of muscle pain, strains and sprains. The support is adjustable with a removable strap for additional compression of the forearm muscles and tendons around the elbow.