Adidas 4mm Yoga Mat

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The Adidas 4mm Yoga Mat is a stylish piece of equipment that looks goods without compromising on functionality. The 4mm thickness is enough to effectively cushion your joints but is low enough to the floor that you feel grounded, balanced and steady. It is ideal for a variety of training types including yoga, pilates, balance exercise and strength work.

The exercise mat is 173cm in length and 61cm wide, giving any yoga enthusiast more than enough space so that your feet don't touch the floor. It has a textured surface preventing the mat from slipping during exercise and for greater pose alignment. After your workout, the mat can be wiped down and rolled away neatly for convenient storage. It is also extremely portable, making it ideal for use at home, at the gym or in the studio.

The Adidas 4mm yoga mat is available in black, dark grey, green, grey and red colours.

Additional Information

Non-slip Yoga mat
Textured surface for superior pose alignment
Easy to wipe clean
Rolls up for portability and storage
Soft, comfortable cushioning ideal for regular Yoga practice
Dimensions: L 173 x W 61 x D 0.4cm
Available in black, dark grey, green, grey and red