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Adidas Adjustable Ankle Wrist Weights 2 x 2kg

The Adidas Adjustable Ankle Wrist Weights 2 x 2kg are perfect for adding intensity to your fitness workout and maximising your bodyweight training. These weights can be worn on the ankles or wrist and feature four 0.5kg iron ore filled packs. These packs can be removed, meaning you can tailor the weight to suit your personal training goals. The weight packs are kept in place with a secure fastening ensuring movement during use is minimal. The weights are made from durable, hard-wearing material which is also waterproof. Sold as a pair. One size fits all.


Additional Information

Pair of 2kg adjustable ankle/wrist weights
Durable waterproof design
Iron ore filling
Removal weight packs (4 x 0.5 kg)
Secure Velcro fastening
One size fit all