Adidas Hot Yoga Mat

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The Adidas Hot Yoga Mat is perfect for use during detoxing Hot Yoga classes (or Bikram Yoga) particularly when the room is heated to 40°C+ and you need a mat that is designed to cope with such humid conditions. The Hot Yoga mat is soft and absorbent and is designed to wick away perspiration during your steamy workout.

The non-slip mat is 2mm thick and can be used either with or without an additional yoga mat underneath. It can also be used on either side: the textured ‘grip’ side or the towel fabric side. However you use your hot yoga mat, it will give you greater traction so you do not slip during your posture transitions. Once you're finished exercising, it's easy to clean and easy to roll up and carry. It also environmentally friendly with 43% made up of biodegradable Polymer Environment Resin.

Additional Information

Ideal for hot and humid conditions
Designed to wick away sweat
Non-slip, textured surface designed to absorb moisture for greater traction
Soft, comfortable cushioning ideal for use with or without an existing Yoga mat
Easy to wash clean and roll up for storage
47% Polyester, 43% Polymer Environmental Resin, 10% Nylon
2mm thick padding
Dimensions: L 173 x W 61cm
Colour: Black

Customer Reviews

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Maxwell F. (United Kingdom)
Love this product

Amazing yoga mat towel for an amazing price. Since I’ve been using this towel in hot yoga, I’ve really noticed a difference in my stability and ability to hold poses on the mat. Would buy and buy again!

Rui C. (United Kingdom)

Adidas Hot Yoga Mat