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Adidas Power Tower

This Adidas Power Tower features everything needed for a great upper body workout that will train your back, arms, chest, shoulders and abs. It features a multi use chin up/pull up bar, push up handles and dip handles that flip up to prevent obstruction during chin ups. The Adidas Power Tower also includes ergonomically angled vertical knee raise pads to reduce stress on the shoulders while the angled frame secures the upper torso against the back pad to eliminate body sway for more efficient training.
Additional Information

Used for chin ups, pull ups, dips, vertical knee raises, press ups
Wide chin up hand position
Press up stands
Ergonomically angled VKR pads
Dip handles flip up for unobstructed chin up exercise
Angled frame secures upper torso against back pad and eliminates body sway
Dimensions: L 120 x W 111 x H 223.5cm
Product Weight: 48kg
Maximum User Weight: 135kg