Adidas Resistance Tube - Medium

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The Adidas Resistance Tube Medium is perfect for targeting any muscle group in your body. It can be used for strengthening and toning muscles in isolation or multiple muscle groups at the same time. This resistance tube offers medium resistance and would suit those looking to tone and build muscle strength. It is perfect for upper body and lower body exercises.

This effective piece of equipment comes with comfort grip handles. It is durable, lightweight and compact meaning it can be easily carried to the gym or studio or stored around the home. Resistance tubes are an ideal way of getting a good workout and can be performed anywhere, even where there is not much space. They are also suitable for users of all ages and fitness levels.

Additional Information

Medium resistance
Target multiple muscle groups at the same time
Perfect for upper and lower body exercises
Comfort grip handles
Versatile and durable
Easy to transport and store
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer (Europe)