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Adidas TrainBar

The Adidas TrainBar is the ultimate portable resistance training system without the need for weights. It features two 65cm industrial strength resistance tubes connected to a 70cm steel bar. It can be used to curl, squat, press and rotate to effectively work every muscle in the body.

The adjustable strap allows the resistance to be quickly and easily changed to suit, while the four carabiners mean you can attach both tubes to one end of the bar to double the resistance.

Unlike most conditioning equipment that restricts your exercise to loading the body vertically, the Adidas TrainBar enables you to load the muscles that rotate the torso as well. This helps develop 3-dimensional strength rather than strength developed through a single plane of motion.

The Adidas TrainBar is an extremely versatile piece of exercise equipment that is ideal for developing strength, torsion and recoil which are essential for a range of activities including kicking, throwing and racquets sports. It can also help develop core and functional strength that are beneficial in every day life.

Additional Information

2 x 65cm high resistance tubes and 1 x 70cm steel bar
Adjustable strap enables you to adapt the resistance level instantly
Curl, press, squat and rotate to work virtually every muscle in your body
Excellent tool for developing functional strength
Easily portable
Colour: Black/red