Azure Dual Ab Wheel

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The Azure Toning Dual Ab Wheel is ideal for strengthening abs, core, arms, shoulders and back whilst burning calories and toning your upper body. Exercise wheels offer one of the most effective ways to exercise the core and upper body.

The Azure ab wheel features a dual wheel design which has two large, wide wheels and a steel axle. This provides an enhanced level of balance and improves stability whilst you work out. The anti-slip wheel has an easy glide function meaning you get a smooth two-way rolling motion.

For your comfort, the firm, non-slip handles give a comfortable, easy grip, meaning you can use your ab wheel for longer and get better results. Perfect for helping with calorie burn, this durable ab wheel is compact and lightweight, meaning it can be carried in your gym bag or used at home and easily stored when not in use.

Additional Information

Strengthens and tones abs, obliques and core
Tones arms, shoulders, back
Dual wheel for greater stability and balance
Anti-slip wheel design
Non-slip handles for greater comfort
Durable and lightweight
Great for burning calories and fat loss
Strong steel axle
Colour: White and black