Azure Foam Roller

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The Azure Foam Roller is perfect for relaxing tight muscles, increasing flexibility and improving circulation. This durable, non-slip roller can be used before exercise, either instead of or in addition to stretching to help improve performance and reduce injury risk. After your workout it can be used to easily target specific sore and aching muscles and work away the lactic acid that causes stiffness and pain. This can help speed up recovery time after your workout.

Measuring 29.5cm in length and with a 9.5cm diameter, this roller is compact and lightweight while remaining highly effective in targeting muscles in the upper and lower body. It can easily be used on your legs, arms, hips, back, glutes or any muscle that requires attention.

An important tool for athletes, foam rolling is also suitable for users of all fitness levels. The short Azure foam roller will easily fit in your training bag so you can use it in the gym or studio as well at home or work. It also comes in a range of colours: Black, Blue, Pink and Purple.

Additional Information

Short foam roller
Reduces pain and relaxes tight muscles
Use before, during and after exercise
Improves recovery time and reduces injury risk
Assists flexibility, balance and core strength
Durable construction
Compact and lightweight
Dimensions: L 29.5 x W 9.5cm
Colour: Black, Blue, Pink or Purple

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David W. (United Kingdom)
Azure foam roller

The roller was delivered today, which was in the time frame promised, it was in good order