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Biofreeze Spray Pump 118ml

Biofreeze spray offers fast acting soothing relief from sprains, sore joints and muscles as well as back ache and arthritis.  Biofreeze spray provides effective pain relief using cold therapy. This easy to use spray has been designed for those harder to reach areas such as the neck, upper and middle back and lower extremities. Available in 118ml spray pump option. 

How does Biofreeze work?

Nerve cells control our perception of pain by carrying information from receptors found in the skin and throughout the body, to the spinal cord, before being sent to the brain for processing. The brain then interprets these signals causing us to feel pain.

Biofreeze produces a cold sensation that can be used to block pain signals through what is described as “Gate Control Theory”. This theory suggests that topical pain relief products prevent pain signals from passing these ‘gates’ leading to the brain. The user instead feels a cooling sensation which helps to relieve pain.

Biofreeze cold therapy is scientifically proven to reduce pain. It is also less likely to cause stiffness, skin irritation, and numbness that can often occur in the application of ice. The cold relief reduces blood flow to the affected area, easing swelling, bruising and inflammation.

Additional Information

The spray format is an ideal solution for those with limited mobility conditions such as arthritis
Simple solution reach areas such as the neck, upper and middle back and lower extremities
The large spray is great for professional therapists to use as part of patient treatment
Effective, long lasting relief sprayed either upright or upside down
Available in 118ml size

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Geoffrey W. (United Kingdom)
Biofreeze spray pump 118ml

Does the job ok.