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Body Sculpture 18-in-1 Gym

The Body Sculpture 18-in-1 Gym is excellent for getting full body workout on one highly versatile piece of equipment. It combines aerobic steppers, balance boards, ab exercise, bungee cords, core push-up exercise, dumbbells and stretch boards - everything you need to get toned, get fit and stay in great shape.

The balance blocks can be locked in position for aerobic balance exercise or for the gym to act as a great aerobic stepper. They can also be used to make a stretch board for stretching exercises, sit-ups and ab crunches which is very effective for treating muscle tension and releasing back pain.

The handles are removable and can be used as a pair of 1kg dumbbells and there are also resistance tubes which allow you to target your arms, body and legs. This product comes with a free carry bag and a useful instructional DVD to help you get the most out of your training.

Additional Information

Dimensions: L68 x W16 x H36.5cm
Weight: 4.85kg
Maximum User Weight: 100kg
Fully compliant and certified for European safety standard EN957
Colour: Grey